Groundbreaking event officially marks the beginning of long-awaited Appleton Public Library

A new chapter has begun as the community celebrates the groundbreaking of the new Appleton Public Library. Expanding on its current site, the library promises to be about more than shelves of books. The new construction will add over 7,000 square feet and feature a curved glass pavilion on the south facade and a community room for 300 people. It also adds space for collaboration, improved sight lines, additional natural light and a flexible floorplan that allows the building to change with community needs.

President of the library’s board of trustees Nancy Scheuerman shared, “This truly is a wonderful day of celebration. But it’s not just a celebration for those of us here, it’s a celebration for all of Appleton, all of its citizens and all of the people in the surrounding communities who utilized the Appleton Public Library.”

Ben Bruns executive vice president and general manager for 做厙輦華 spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony. Imagine for a second the opportunity for the Fox Cities and the surrounding area to have a world class public library. From the 做厙輦華 family to the employees of the 做厙輦華 Companythank you! We are grateful to be part of this journey.

做厙輦華 is proud to be a construction partner on this remarkable projectalmost 15 years in the making!

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