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building a culture of safe construction

Construction workers stretching for safety in morning at jobsite

No job is more serious than building safe construction sites

Changing regulations. Stricter standards. A focus on safe, healthy workforces. Business leaders can’t settle for status-quo construction practices that risk people. They need safe projects that prevent incidents and injuries, meet compliance standards and get everyone home safe, without exception.

SafeThinking® BUILDS safeR construction sites

When safety is non-negotiable, it’s built into how you think. Employee education, early planning, technology selection and integrated teams—that’s what you get with . A partner with safety top of mind, who understands reducing shortcuts, distractions and rework is key to creating safer construction sites.


If you want a culture of safety, it starts at the top. In every action and decision, leaders set the tone for the SafeThinking® mindset that’s helping our clients achieve safe, healthy workplaces.

Designing Safety into Work

Everything we do. No matter the task. Preconstruction to completion, SafeThinking® is integrated in every step. That includes educating teams, getting crews the right equipment and performing jobsite audits to prevent incidents.

Predictive Technology and Analytics

The more we know, the safer we can be. designs safety into every project, using predictive modeling, technology and analytics to visualize work, reduce logistics risks, learn from mistakes and help every team build safer.

Industrialized Construction

Sometimes the safest approach is the unconventional. is helping the world rethink how projects get built with prefabrication and modular construction—assembling in controlled remote environments, and right on the ground instead of high heights to make jobs even safer.

Team Empowerment

When people are your greatest asset, you give them the tools and support they need to work safely. In our relentless pursuit of an injury-free workplace, we use planning, technology, coaching and recognition to reinforce safe behaviors. We focus on finding risks early and celebrate safe behaviors that keep dangers off the jobsite.

Subcontractor Prequalification

A team is only as safe as each individual. As one of about 50 contractors with an ISN contractor operator subscription, can connect with subcontractors who meet the strictest safety criteria. We also prequalify and choose partners with proven safety readiness and practices.

Safe construction sites require a holistic approach

We don’t buy the idea that incidents are part of the job. To build safely, we must focus on eliminating:


avoiding unintended


keeping focus on
safe practices


ensuring adequate


anticipating potential


equipping everyone to
live their best life

Changing the Way the Construction Industry Thinks about Safety

At , the commitment to safety is truly making a difference. In this video, leaders describe how is creating a safety culture across the company.

Ready for a construction company that works safe to build boldly? Let’s talk.